What We Do

Rescue Foundation initially worked with Felony Franks to offer ex-offenders the training and support needed to live a fulfilling and meaningful life. NOW Rescue Foundation is expanding the resources and services to a broader range of ex-offenders as well as other companies. Sourcing meaningful employment is only one step in helping people get back on their feet. Other needs include training and experiences in the following areas of life: Financial Literacy, Communication, Networking, Leadership Training, Advocacy, Legal & Accounting, Fine Arts & Culture, and Business Training.

Why We Do It

We believe that all humans, even those with criminal records, should have the opportunity to learn, grow, and succeed. We believe that once a jail sentence is served, that a human being should not have to serve an “employment life sentence.”

How We Do It

Rescue Foundation looks at each person’s unique needs and goals and works directly with that person to provide the needed training and support. Our consultants (experts, business owners, religious leaders, advocates, and other dedicated individuals) work directly with participants in our program. Through this individualistic approach, Rescue Foundation has documented success in helping its participants: Maintain meaningful employment, Establish banking relationships, Improve communication skills, Create budgets and financial plans, Invest, Graduate from public aid, Gain important life experiences, Succeed in school, and avoid the decisions and behavior that resulted in their initial incarceration.