Rescue Foundation needs your help to accomplish our goals and fulfill our mission.

Here’s What We Need

  • Emergency Housing Fund- With housing costs rising, and high unemployment among ex-offenders, we are seeing a higher rate of homelessness in our candidates. Many of our candidates are single mothers. Believe it or not, most local shelters are already full most of the time. As a result, there is nowhere to go. Just one night on the streets can devastate a family. Up to this point we have been seeking donations on a case by case basis for our candidates who are facing homelessness. Our 2018 fundraising goal is to raise $10,000.00 for the emergency housing fund. Money in this fund will a) help to defray the cost of emergency shelter, b) help underwrite security deposits as short term loans, c) help pay costly application fees for candidates looking for apartments. If you want to donate in whole or in part to the Emergency Housing Fund, simply state the amount on the donation form below.
  • General Operating Fund- Rescue Foundation is expanding thanks to the Oak Park and River Forest Community Foundation. We were awarded the Big Idea Grant in 2017, which is helping us encourage local businesses to hire our candidates. We still need to raise operating funds to ensure our long term efficacy and support for the ex-offender community. Our 2018 fundraising goal is $25,000.00 for the General Operating Fund.

People returning from jail are in desperate need of help and the best way to help is to be a part of the solution. Supporting Rescue Foundation is a giant step in the right direction. Please support our mission with a donation. You have thousands of choices when it comes to your charitable giving. Our work has a direct impact on those who need the help.