Rescue Foundation offers the training, employment opportunities, and ongoing support so that ex-offenders can live a fulfilling and meaningful life.┬áSourcing meaningful employment is only one step in helping people get back on their feet. While there are many companies willing to hire ex-offenders, few of them are aware of the specific challenges that threaten this population of citizens, their employment, and ultimately their criminal recidivism rate. Beyond employment, ex-offenders commonly miss out on important life and cultural experiences that help shape “normal” lives. Solving the problem of recidivism requires a multifaceted approach!

Programs for Employers

  • Benefits of hiring ex-Offenders- Employing ex-offenders can be rewarding both personally and professionally. Schedule one of our advocates to present to you or your company about the benefits of hiring ex-offenders.
  • Placement Services- Companies that want to hire ex-offenders but do not want to go through the process of vetting and training can benefit by Rescue Foundation’s placement services.
  • Understanding and Overcoming the Challenges Facing ex-Offenders in the Workplace- Employers who are willing to hire ex-offenders are often times surprised by the challenges facing their employees. Knowing the challenges facing ex-offenders in the workplace and learning how to easily overcome those challenges results in happier more productive employees.
  • Candidate Vetting Process- Learn our unique method to finding the best candidates, allowing your company to save time and money during the vetting process.
  • Employee Training- The difference between failure and success is training. Large corporations understand the concept and invest in their employees. Small businesses do not usually invest as much in their employees’ development because of the high costs of training. Rescue Foundation has a unique training program that can be taught at a fraction of the cost of more traditional training programs for employees.

Programs for Candidates

  • Financial Literacy- Learn everything you need to know about money management and how to best use financial services.
  • Communication- Being able to communicate with people around you is a skill, and one that employers will pay for.
  • Networking & Connections- Learn about how to build and use a professional network to gain meaningful employment and opportunities.
  • Leadership Training- Learn how to be a leader and watch your employment opportunities grow.
  • Business- Improve your knowledge about businesses and how they operate.
  • Support- Rescue Foundation offers different types of support for its candidates.
  • Advocacy- Rescue Foundation advocates on behalf of its candidates for various reasons.
  • Recognition & Feedback
  • Legal & Accounting
  • Arts & Culture

Programs for Entrepreneurs and Social Enterprises

  • Start-up Consulting- Thinking of starting a social enterprise? Rescue Foundation can help. Consultants who are experts in entrepreneurship and management are available to help you design your business plan, pro forma, and marketing plan.
  • Strategy Consulting- For existing companies that need strategic consulting.
  • Employment Best-Practices- Learn Rescue Foundation’s best practices with regard to employing ex-offenders.
  • Media Consulting- Learn how to get the word out about the good work you’re doing in your community by hiring ex-offenders. Rescue Foundation consulting can teach you its proven method that has resulted in headlines in the Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun Times, NBC News, ABC News, CBS News, WGN News, the Tonight Show, and numerous other outlets.

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