Restoring the life of an ex-offender faces multiple challenges. Any number of reasons contribute to why a person chooses to break the law. One of the most common reasons is economic- there is not enough money to pay bills. Other factors such as substance abuse, depression, and the lack of a family safety net. A lack of education and opportunity in many neighborhoods also contributes to the problem. The biggest threat to ex-offenders is the inability to interrupt the cycle of incarceration. When ex-offenders leave prison they are sent right back to their old neighborhood, their old friends, and their old way of thinking which landed them in trouble in the first place. This cycle is so bad that 54% of ex-offenders (in Chicago) find themselves back in prison within three years.

Rescue Foundation interrupts this cycle

Our program is unique in that it teaches not only the skills needed to be successful in the workplace, but also the critical thinking and communication skills needed to build a meaningful life. We have been doing this for years and our candidates are proof that our program works. As ex-offenders rely on Rescue Foundation for help rebuilding their lives, Rescue Foundation relies on you to help fund these needed programs. Rescue Foundation is a “boots on the ground” organization. We do not have a fancy office. We do not lease fancy cars. We do not have high salaried executives. We do not have costly meetings. We do not waste money. Our office is in the streets. Our meetings are with people who need immediate help, and with people who can offer such help. We do not have a large grant-writing staff, or capital campaigns, or costly fundraisers (where only a small amount of the money goes to helping people). What we do have is you. You are reading this page because you have learned about what we do. The button below is the primary way we raise funds. Please click it. Please donate what you can; every donation helps. And know that your donations are used in the most responsible ways- directly helping men and women in our community to rebuild their lives. We invite you to be a part of that right now. If you ever want to discuss our programs, successes, or just hear some of the stories in which your help has changed lives, just call me on my mobile phone (708) 420-5659.

Thank you,
Deno Andrews
President, Rescue Foundation